The Hospital

The hospital is a 4000 square foot facility that incorporates an efficiency of design and aesthetics that promotes exceptional attention to cleanliness and asepsis but does not compromise patient or owner comfort.

The hospital has very easy access from two major highways. It is easily reached from the Gardiner Expressway off either the Islington or Kipling exits. Likewise it can be reached off the 427 via the Dundas or Queensway exits (see the map for detailed directions). There is more than adequate free parking, the waiting room is spacious, comfortable and full of natural light. There are four fully equipped examination rooms. An open concept treatment and recovery area allows efficient patient observation from nearly anywhere in the hospital. Two fully equipped surgical suites are designed for surgical efficiency, effective ventilation and easy disinfection.

All of these details are essential for patient safety, comfort ant to prevent surgical infections.

West Toronto Etobicoke Veterinary At Work-26

Dr. Craig Miller & Staff Group Shots-3

The purpose built hospital opened in June 2010. At that time the hospital housed the Toronto Animal Eye Clinic and the Animal Emergency Hospital of Etobicoke. Dr. Miller and the West Toronto Veterinary Surgery joined in November 2011, Dr. Hewitt took over ownership and operation in December 2015.

The emergency service provides guaranteed 24 hour monitoring of all surgical patients by experienced veterinarians and their staff. The continuous care ensures optimal postoperative pain management and early intervention should any complications arise.

In short the manageable size of the hospital allows for an individualized approach for the patient and owner

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. You won’t be lost in a huge facility or impersonal system. The modern construction encourages patient comfort and an impeccable attention to cleanliness and infection control.


West Toronto Veterinary Surgery